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Xara Designer Pro X 10

Xara Designer Pro X 10: Xara Designer Pro X is simply the best graphics software for your design needs. The perfect choice for professional design work, for print & the web. It`s equally flexible with vector or bitmap graphics, making it ideal for designs combining drawing, photos & text - from simple logo designs to detailed illustrations, brochures & photo compositions. It`s great for the web too, from Flash animations to websites & web presentations. Plus it offers ultra fast redraw, making it very productive and ideal for experimentation.

Graphic Design Shop Turn yourself into an artist and create stunning graphic designs and art
Graphic Design Shop

graphic designs and art for your business or just for fun. Whether you`re creating web buttons, icons, logos, website graphics, cartoons, t-shirt designs, posters or anything else, Graphic Design Shop has the tools and support to help you create almost anything else you can dream up. Graphic Design Shop gives you templates to start from and edit as well as graphic objects to help your creativity soar! The powerful design tools allows you to design

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Web Icons Web Icons : Web Icons free download at
Web Icons

Web + Graphic Icons (No of Icons) Web Icons (50,000) + Web Buttons (34,000) + Hosting Icons(1,800) + ClipArtArrows & Pointers(1,100) + Alphabets(4,000) . Common Sub Packages Of Web Graphic Icons (No of Icons) 20.Web Mix(4,200) + Business + Finance Web Images (320) + Mix BMP(120) + Mix PNG Icons (4,800) + Mix PNG(250) . Bonus 20.Backgrounds(3,700) + 20.Bars & Banners (1,300) + Computer_Logo_Collection(20) + Fonts(1500) All icons packages (More than

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Xara Web Designer Premium 10

web page easy. Examples include automatic text flow around objects, automatic page resizing and object positioning as you add and delete text, buttons and text panels that stretch and shrink as you change the text, and automatic color matching of imported graphics to name just a few. This is a premium version of Xara Web Designer with more advanced web and graphic design features and tools, including Flash animation, online presentations and webinars

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PixBuilder Studio 1.31: PixBuilder Studio is graphic software for photo editing and images manipulation.
PixBuilder Studio 1.31

graphic software for images processing and illustrations creating. Also you can use flexible selection transform and management functions for drawing complex raster shapes and effects or use built-in shapes drawing tool. For other complex goals you can use built-in high quality effects, such as different blur types, sharpen effects, and any others. Using web safe palette and save with preview function you can easily create web graphics in any most

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Right HTML Protector 3.0: Prevent plagiarism and spam - protect web pages from unauthorized extracting
Right HTML Protector 3.0

web design and scripts without your permission - protects web pages from unauthorized extracting of your text, images, photos, graphic, e-mails, links and scripts. The change is totally invisible for your visitors, it saves original web page appearance but it helps to avoid web plagiarism and cloning that are very common for this day. Encrypted HTML and source code also blocks web site rippers and email extractors used to collect spamming email bases

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Perfect Design Icons 2013.1: Bright and sleek design icons for graphic software. Download stock icons here.
Perfect Design Icons 2013.1

graphic editor or image editing product. Including images such as Designer icon, Portfolio icon, Website icon, Image icon, Color Palette icon, Color icon, 3d Design icons, Software Designer icon, Web Design icon, Find icon, View icon, Clear icon, Photo and Pictures icon, the set of attractive icons has everything to enhance many graphic editors, web sites and artistic suites. With images such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Gallery, Graphic Tools, Flip, Rotate

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